We are a multi-disciplinary, socially conscious, creative studio.

Our core mission is to create work that starts a dialogue and inspires change.

Our work encompasses game design, experiential design, event design, art, illustration, and anything fun brought our way!

We’re a group of high energy, colourful, and passionate people that are always excited and buzzing with ideas!

And (in case it wasn’t already obvious) we love cats.

We’re always open to collaborating. Please get in touch!



a.k.a the creative
a.k.a pretty much why this company exists:

Nashra Balagamwala is an experiential designer working at the intersection of art and politics. Her work involves the critical exploration of taboo subjects and social inequities, frequently transforming controversial ideas into games, designs, and experiences.

Balagamwala studied at Harvard University and the Rhode Island School of Design (nerd alert)

Balagamwala has been recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30, Fortune’s “World’s Most Powerful Women” and NBC’s “A-Z” list of individuals redefining Asian-American stereotypes.

Read what the internet is saying about her:

Cat lover.


a.k.a Mr. Nashra
a.k.a back office guy:

Ismail does all the boring business stuff, manages the team, and *whispers quietly* uses Microsoft Excel...

Strategy, production, logistics, tax, finance planning, and any other businessy words you can think of.

Ismail has a Master of Finance as well as an MBA (super nerd alert).

Dog lover.

In conclusion:
Cats > Dogs